Does Your Roof Affect Your Home Value?



One of the last things you probably think of when you think of your home value is your roof. You may be surprised at how much your roof does affect the value of your home. Research has revealed that having new roofing installed can have a big impact on home value – specifically on home resale value. Understanding how your roof affects your home value can help you determine whether it is time for a replacement.

Curb Appeal

The first thing that your roof affects is the curb appeal of your home. When your roof is worn looking, it takes away from the overall appeal of the home. In some cases, this could be a deterrent for potential buyers. Updating your roof by incorporating new materials, colors or styles will give it a modern touch that is attractive to potential buyers. A replacement will give your home a new look and boost its aesthetic appeal.


Your roof can affect your home value because of the condition factor. When your roof is in poor shape, it could mean that other areas of your home are also in need of repair. A leaky roof could cause damage to other portions of the home, which will greatly lower your home’s value.


Problems such as trapped dampness, wet or dry rot, deteriorated and or cracked tiles can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. A roof replacement will solve those issues and give a level of safety that both the homeowner and future buyers will appreciate.

Energy Efficiency

A roof that is in bad condition or poorly insulated can be detrimental to the energy efficiency of your home. A new roof can alleviate these issues plus help to reduce energy bills. Energy efficiency will help to attract new buyers.

Selling Price

Potential buyers who are interested in your property are usually looking for what’s right as well as what’s wrong. If your roof is in poor condition potential buyers will take this into consideration and could reduce the selling price. Replacing the roof is assured to add value to the property and hike up the selling price.

General Home Appeal

Finally, a new roof can improve your home value by adding general appeal to your home. Along with curb appeal, homebuyers will be interested in your home because they will not need to worry about adding a new roof any time soon. Roofs are expensive and when homebuyers are able to avoid this expense, they will be more likely to purchase the home.

These are just a few of the ways your roof could be affecting your home value. Considering them carefully can help you make a better decision if it is time to replace your roof.

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