While Hanging Christmas Lights, Look for These Potential Roof Problems

With Christmas just a few short weeks away, now is the time to start hanging up holiday lights all around your home. While you’re hanging those decorations, why not look for some signs of potential roof problems. Because, even the best maintained rooftops need some maintenance now and then.

 Here are a few things to look for while hanging your Christmas decorations on your roof:

  • Missing shingles: The shingleson yourroof should be uniform and in a pattern. While hanging your Christmas lights, look for a break in the pattern that catches your eye, which could prove to be a missing shingle. Just one missing shingle could be a problem.
  • Cracked tiles:Heavy winds blowing items on your roof can easily crack the tiles of your roof.  A bad crack could cause a leak whenever it rains, further damaging your home. Keep an eye open for cracks while working on holiday decorations.
  • Damaged ventilation: Rooftops of any kind will often have some sort of ventilation system. It could be simple rectangular grates at the end of vents, or possible spinning metal turbines. Damage should be easy to see on ventilation, as it often comes in the form of dents and bent grating.
  • Indents: Your rooftop should not have any unexplained dips and indentations. If you see one while working on holiday lights, make a note of it but definitely don’t walk on it. The dent could be where the roof has weakened, which could possibly break under foot.

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