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When roofing issues strike there are four possible options to consider – maintenance, repair, restore or replace.  Because we are Monterey Counties leading residential company, we attempt to provide the full range of services to our clients.  That’s why we provide all four essentials. Here’s a glance at each of the four services described above.


Many homeowners don’t pay their roofs very much attention.  It’s not as if you look at your roof every day, so it is often ignored until shingles fly off or water drips into your house.  Consistent maintenance keeps your roof in tiptop condition.   Sticking to a consistent maintenance schedule will help the roof protect your home and family for many years.  On going maintenance is a way to maximize your investment by getting the most out of your roof.


Repairing your roof can be more cost-effective than a full roof replacement.  Timely roof repair differs from a more reactive roof repair as the care and maintenance you do is part of your roof’s general upkeep.  The main advantage of timely roof repair is that you are able to head off problems before they fully manifest and present a more challenging and expensive issue.  In order to take advantage of the benefits of timely roof repair, you’ll want to work with an experienced contractor like Williams Roofingto get your roof repair done right.


Roof restoration can be implemented over the course of several years. During a restoration, the existing roofing material is left in place, minor roof leaks are repaired, and the entire roof system is resurfaced.  This is far less expensive than the average cost of an entire roof replacement.  Restoration has the potential of adding more years of service life to your roof.  But keep in mind that your roof must be in decent condition for the restoration services to work.


A full roof replacement is generally the last resort for homeowners whose roof has failed completely. So, what are the benefits of a new roof beyond protection from the elements?

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Killer Curb Appeal
  • Higher Resale Value

The positive thing about this option is you’ll have all the benefits of a brand new roofing system, which means you’ll be worry-free for many years.

Bottom line, maintaining your roof is necessary to protect your home. Dealing with roof issues is stressful and time consuming so try and stay ahead of any problems with maintenance and timely repairs.  Give your roof some TLC with Williams Roofing Company.  We’ve been maintaining the roofs of our neighbors for over 42 years. As trusted roofers, we provide thorough inspections, prompt repairs, restorations and full replacements.  Call us today to talk about your roofing requirements.