The benefits of Skylights and Why You Should Want Them

Homeowners install skylights on their roofing systems for many reasons.  Below are a few of the most important advantages of skylights, assured to assist you in saving money and energy while bringing natural light to the interior of your home.

Natural Influences

The main advantage of a skylight is it lets natural sunlight into your home, which means you use less electricity to light up the room.  Did you know that natural light could boost a person’s mood and productivity?  Letting in natural light can potentially create a happier atmosphere.  Most of us underestimate the power of sunlight, which provides the energy to run the planet.

Increased visual appeal to interiors

Natural lighting is still the best type of lighting system used in interior design. It can be a challenging task to successfully incorporate natural light into a structure or building. Daylight provides better aesthetics, better color, better definition of space, and highlights architectural details.

Make sure you consult with a professional to help you choose the ideal spot to place your skylight.  Since the sun moves throughout the day, you’ll need to install your skylight in the right place to catch it at the best angle.

Reduce energy consumption

The decreased dependency on artificial light can help reduce the use of electricity by as much as 10%.

Reduce mildew or buildup of mold

Most chronic respiratory problems are often associated with bacterial and fungal buildup in damp areas. Natural lighting can naturally decrease the production of harmful organisms.  Did you know sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants?

Health benefits

Plentiful amounts of natural sunlight can prevent vitamin D and B1 deficiencies.  It is proven that sunlight helps lower blood pressure. This calming effect of the sun can help reduce the stress, anxiety and depression that comes with darker environments.

Poor lighting can cause eye fatigue and headaches, which can make you feel depressed or even ill.

 Improved ventilation

Some skylights are operable and can provide ventilation by releasing hot air, which can build up near the ceiling.

Ads value to your home

Skylights are often seen as a luxurious amenity.  Skylights add a premium on comfort and quality of homes

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