Sell As-Is or Repair your Roof? Let us Help You Answer That Question

When you decide to sell your home you ask yourself, should we repair the roof or sell as-is.  Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself.

  1. Will the roof prevent the sale of the home?
  2. Are you willing to lower the price of the home to compensate a buyer for the repair or replacement of the roof?

When to Sell As-Is

If you are undecided whether your existing roof will cause issues for potential buyers, contract a professional roofing contractor like Williams Roofing Co. to complete a thorough inspection and accompanying estimate for repairs.  An estimate will help you determine if you can afford the necessary repairs.  Additionally, if it is deemed repairs are not needed, a professional opinion will pacify the worries of the potential buyer.

If you definitely can’t afford to pay for the needed repairs and you decide to list the home anyway, be aware that the potential buyers will want to pay less because there is a roof that needs to be repaired.  If this is the case, we suggest you enlist the assistance of a local realtor to help you price the home to attract buyers.  Selling as-is and pricing competitively could start a bidding war in your favor.

When to Repair Your Roof

A roof that requires thousands of dollars in repairs or has reached the end of its life has an impact on a buyer’s perception of your home.  Well-maintained homes tend to turnover faster because they show better. And most importantly, no new homebuyer wants to deal with immediate expenses – especially a large one like a roof replacement.  If you are confronting a competitive housing market, necessary roof repairs could be the difference between a quick sale and watching your house sit for months.

Keep in mind, many lenders use roof repair as a condition of loan approval.  The seller is typically responsible for those repairs.

Get a Professional Estimate

Williams Roofing is always here to give you the information you need to help you make an educated decision about whether to repair or replace your roof prior to selling.  Call us today at 831-758-2749 or complete our free roof evaluation form.