If you are a homeowner, you care about how your home looks both inside and out.  The roof on your home plays an important role on the exterior. Your roof composes 50 to 60 percent of your home’s exterior so it is its largest feature.  That makes your roof more than just a necessity for protection. It is also a design feature of your home

Lifespans of the roof

The roof has two different lifespans:  durability and aesthetic.  Durability is the amount of time you can expect your roofing material to last before it breaks down and compromises your roof.  Your roofs durability usually lasts far longer than its aesthetic lifespan, which is how long a roof’s beauty and appeal will last.  As roofs age, colors fade, and home design and décor preferences change.  What’s popular today may not be the same in 20 years or even 10 years.  A roof that looks beautiful today suddenly looks dated and old.  Nobody wants to buy a home that looks unfashionable and out-of-date.  

Curb Appeal and Home Value

The exterior appearance of your home is termed curb appeal.  Curb appeal makes your home attractive and also gives it its value.  Homes that enjoy strong curb appeal are very attractive to potential buyers.  Homes with poor curb appeal are often hard to sell or sell far below the desired asking price.  A dated or unattractive roof can create a bad first impression.

When selecting your roofing material keep these things in mind.  No design is timeless, especially with cutting-edge trends.  If you purchase an extreme style choice it may become an eyesore and hurt your curb appeal over time.  If you attempt to sell your home with a “displeasing roof design” it will be more difficult to sell.  

At Williams Roofing, we advise people when buying a roof to consider a more traditional color and material.  These types of roofs usually maintain its design no matter what you do to your home’s exterior, such as siding or color.  Maintaining a more traditional design means you won’t have to worry about roof replacement when it’s time to sell your home.  

If you need help choosing the perfect roof, work with the experts at Williams Roofing Company and we will help you select the right material and color to assure your home is beautiful for years to come.  Contact us today.