DIY Roof Repair – Why it’s Not a Good Idea

DIY projects have become very popular and, in many cases, the preferable way to approach projects like building a new deck or patio furniture, adding new landscaping or even re-tiling your bathroom.  There are some projects, however, that are better off left to the professionals.  Roof repair is one of those projects you should not try and do yourself.  Below are a few reasons why!

Safety Concerns:  A typical residential roof has slopes that are risky to walk on, let alone perform repair work on without any form of special protective gear.  A slip down the slope of your roof can sentence you to a lifetime of injury and pain.  So, unless you want to live your life on the edge, leave the roof maintenance and repairs to the professionals like Williams Roofing Co.

You Might get into Insurance Issues:   Homeowners insurance policies cover most repairs and replacement if the damage is caused by nature.  Conversely, if you cause the damage to your own roof because you are trying to repair it yourself, you might not be eligible for coverage.  Your insurance company may also cancel your policy if they find out that you tried to fix your roof yourself.  As part of our contractor license, we have appropriate insurance coverage to cover our employees and any accidental property damage that might occur.

It Could Void Your Warranty:  It is most likely your roofing warranty has a terms and conditions clause prohibiting unauthorized repairs, which cold void your warranty if you try and do it yourself. 

You Can Cause More Damage:  It’s important to keep your roof in tip top shape.  This means providing regular maintenance.  Professional roofing contractors have the training to restore your roof’s condition, but also improve its performance.  An untrained homeowner attempting DIY repairs might worsen the problem leading to more extensive issues and costly repairs.

Lessen your Home’s Curb Appeal:  If your roof needs to have shingles replaced, taking the DIY route means you have to outsource the replacement shingles yourself.  If the homeowner can’t find the exact shingle color or just purchase what’s available, could result in a “patchwork” roof.  And this patchwork roof is generally visible from the curb.  Roofing Contractors like Williams Roofing have a much better chance of sourcing the correct roofing materials and have them installed correctly.

Improper Tools:  If an inexperienced DIY-er attempts a roofing project without the proper tools, the chances are that the roof will be improperly installed or repaired.  Improper use of tools can also lead to personal injury risks. 

How Can We Help?

The moral of this is that being on a roof has an element of danger that is not often considered and is not recommended for a DIY-er.

At Williams Roofing, we’ve spent 43 years providing Monterey and Santa Cruz county residents with high-quality roofing services.  We are dedicated to providing top-tier customer service along with safely and adequately installed roofs.  Our clients can rest easy at night, knowing that the roof over their head is safe and reliable for years to come.  Remember, We Provide Your Home’s Best Coverage!