New Year’s Resolutions for Your Roof and Home

With 2021 fast approaching, this is the time you reflect on self-improvement.  While your efforts in this area are applauded, what about making some resolutions to treat your roof right.  Trust me, it will be easier to stick to this resolution than to eat better and read self-help books.

Make this year the one you start watching out for your roof.  And I’ll guarantee you this will be the year you spend less on repairs and other maintenance.  Here’s our approach to making your roof’s year a great one.

If You’re Comfortable, Get Out the Ladder

Get out the ladder to get on your roof to make inspections a regular part of your annual maintenance schedule.  Many smaller problems can’t be seen from the ground so a thorough, up-close inspection is suggested.  If you are concerned about getting on the ladder, call a professional.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Your roof is intended to protect your home not fend off trees.  Keep all branches trimmed away from your roof to prevent damage. 

Gutter Leaf and Debris Protection

If your gutters do not work as they should, your roof will likely suffer. Make sure that water can flow away from your roof without pooling up at the corners. Checking your gutters is also an excellent way to notice if you have significant shingle breakage too.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning your roof and the elements of your home that touch your roof is important in the long life of your roof.  Keeping your roof clean will also help your house look great all year.  Did you know that piles of leaves on your roof can mean the potential for damage?  The mold and mildew that leaves and other debris can cause may trigger serious damage to your roof.

Broken Shingles Replaced

If there are loose or missing shingles, you may think it’s just an aesthetic problem.  Unfortunately, it can cause your roof to be less weatherproof.  Cracked, broken or missing tiles can turn into larger issues if left unattended.

Consider a Roof Replacement

Do you know the age of your roof or what it’s expected lifespan is?  It’s important not to wait too long to replace the roof.  Catching problems before they occur can help to preserve the interior of your home.

Now that we have your roof taken care of, let’s talk about the rest of your home.  We’ve put together a list of resolutions we think every homeowner should make for 2021.

  • Declutter your house, which includes your garage.
  • Go Energy Efficient by replacing single pane windows, switching to LED bulbs and refreshing your home insulation.
  • Organize and redecorate those rooms that need a little TLC.
  • Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal by cleaning your siding, updating and cleaning up your landscaping or adding a deck to the backyard.
  • Go DIY.  Tackle DIY project to save money and because you enjoy it.

Create a safe, sturdy home in 2021.  No matter what your resolutions are this year or how well you keep them, having a sturdy roof is key to good home health.  Start off the year by ensuring your roof is in good shape which will help guarantee the longevity of all your new year’s projects.  Contact Williams Roofing Company at 831-758-2749 or visit us online to request a free roof evaluation.