Is your roof ready for spring?

Now that winter has passed, it is time to inspect your roof for any damage that may have occurred and prepare it for springtime. With high winds, some spring showers, and long-awaited sunshine, Monterey Bay area’s erratic spring weather can cause irreversible damage to a roof that is not in good shape. Spring is the ideal time to inspect your roof. The mild weather also means minimal delays should you need something repaired.

Here are four ways to make your roof spring-ready:

Clean and inspect your gutters.

Clogged gutters can cause much more long-term damage than most folks realize. When gutters are unable to drain correctly, they overflow—the water running off your roof can damage your roof as well as the foundation of your home. Right off the bat, clean out any debris accumulated in your gutters over the cold season. After you have cleared all of the debris, use your hose to flush out any remaining residue. Lastly, carefully inspect your gutters for any leaks or cracks, as well as any sections that may have come loose from your roof.

Clean and inspect your roof.

You cannot properly inspect your roof if it is covered in debris, just as you cannot inspect your gutters. Check for any loose or damaged shingles, algae, or sagging areas after cleaning your roof. All of these are manifestations of roof damage, and you should contact a licensed Monterey Bay area roofing contractor to have them repaired as soon as possible. Damaged and loose shingles may appear to be a minor issue, but the region’s notorious summers can exacerbate the problem significantly if it is not addressed on time. Similarly, some algae or a small sag may not look like problems big enough to warrant immediate attention. Still, with the wet weather that comes with spring, these issues can quickly escalate into major (read: expensive) problems.

Inspect your attic

Damages and leaks that are not visible from the outside may exist in your roof. Inspect your attic for streaking, wet insulation, or discoloration, as these are all indications of a possible roof leak.

Trim back any overhanging branches

High winds can wreak havoc on the trees and shrubs on your property as well as your roof. Overhanging limbs can break off and fall on your roof, potentially causing significant damage to your shingles and gutters.

Perform a roof inspection right now and get your roof ready for the spring. And even if any repairs are required, they can be completed before the sweltering heat arrives. Contact Williams Roofing Company, Inc. to ensure that your roof is thoroughly inspected and that any repairs are completed correctly.

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