The Right Way to Decorate your Roof for Halloween

Many homeowners transform into creative individuals with impressive decorating skills as Halloween draws near. They transform their lovely homes into spooky dwellings — some appear to be taken over by headless, bloodthirsty beasts, while others look like they are abandoned residences.

What distinguishes these meticulously decorated houses is that every feature of the house, from the lawn to the deck to the roof — yes, even the roof — plays a role in inducing fear. This separates them from other homes in the neighborhood.

Here’s how to bring your roof into the Halloween festivities this year and decorate it to match the rest of the eerie décor.

1. Check if Your Roof Is Strong Enough 

First and foremost, before decking out your roof, determine whether it can withstand the weight of the skeletons you intend to adorn it with. Inspect the roof for missing shingles and molding. If you spot any signs of damage, call a professional roof repair company before taking another step. This ensures that your roof will be able to hold the decorative elements. 

2. Check Your Lights and Extension Cords

Save some time and make the decorating process easier by prepping your decorations ahead of time.    Take some time to untangle your lights, check to make sure they are working and replace any burnt out bulbs.  And only use outdoor rated extension cords.

3. Use a Safety Ladder

More falls from roofs happen during the holiday season than any other time of the year.  Make sure your ladder is sturdy and wear non-slip footwear if you plan to climb on the roof.  Place your ladder one foot away from your home for every 4 feet of ladder height and extend the ladder three feet beyond the edge of your roof.

4. Do Not Damage your Gutters

Your gutters can become damaged if they are weighed down with decorations.  Lightweight lights and other light decorations can be attached to the gutters but avoid hanging heavier objects from them.

5.  Protect your Roof’s Shingles

Do not hang Halloween decorations from the shingles.  Try to mount the decorations to your gutters or fascia.  Nailing anything to your shingles can let moisture in, which can lead to potential leaks and possible roof damage.  Try to avoid using nails or staples.  Use removable light clips, which can be easily attached to your home.

Up the ante and make full use of your roof to stand out from your neighbors. Place life-sized spiders and lights on your roof if you want to transform your home into an ominous spider’s web. Let them ‘peekaboo’ all of your guests. The idea is to “go big or go home!”

You can take the spookiness to a new level this Halloween if you follow these simple tips to keep yourself and your home safe.  If your roof is looking scarier than your Halloween decorations, schedule an appointment with Williams Roofing for a free roof evaluation.