Do You Know if Your Roof Can Handle the Weight of Santa’s Sleigh?

Here’s a question for you – have you had your roof evaluated this year?  If the answer is no, you are definitely past due!  Williams Roofing Company recommends that you have the “cap” on your home inspected once per year.  This will hopefully reduce the cost of any repairs because you will be finding any roofing problems quickly.  If you ignore your roof, it could be leaking right now and by the time you notice the damage from within your home, years may have passed.

Before clearing Santa for landing on Christmas Eve, get a roof evaluation so you are ready for the big present drop!

Are you a late shopper and one that like to push your Christmas list off to the last minute? If you recently found out you have larger roofing problems, re-roofing may be one of the items on your list.  Whether the re-roof is tile, shingle, Asphalt or shake, Williams Roofing has you covered with expertise, experience, and quality service.  

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!  And don’t forget to put out that yule log before you retire on Christmas Eve.  Santa’s suit is probably highly flammable.