Are you looking to replace your roof?  Beware!  Homeowners and property owners fall victim to roofing scams every year.  In the following blog post, we will review the most common roofing scams you may encounter, how to identify them and how to avoid them.  

Vanishing Down Payments

If you are working with a roofing contractor and they require a down payment before the work even begins, you should think twice before writing the check.  This scheme involves a roofing company asking for a deposit to purchase materials or pay up front labor costs.  Many times, once the deposit is paid, the customer doesn’t get it back. Most of the time the contractor disappears leaving the homeowners wallet a lot lighter.

Door-To-Door Salespeople

Many victims of roofing scams have had a salesperson showing up at their door unannounced, offering a free roof inspection. This free inspection usually ends up with a damage report, creating the damage if necessary, or present a fake photo of someone else’s damaged roof – passing it off as your own damage.

Always investigate the roofing company’s background and social media and look for customer reviews to see what other people are saying.

Low Bids meet Unexpected Issues

Most people want to spend their money on anything else but a new roof.  This is when some homeowners hunt for the rock bottom lowest price.  Not only does the quality of work suffer when hiring the lowest bidder, but the contractor will generally start with a low bid so they can raise the price in mid project.  The worst case, some contractors will remove the entire roof and threaten to stop the work completely – leaving the homeowner without a roof.

In the end, the cheapest price could cost you more.

Insurance Fraud

Don’t sign the project contract if the contractor is offering to cover your insurance deductible.  A good scam artist will bill the homeowner less and bill your insurance company more.  The surplus of money from the insurance company is money in their pockets.

Contractors Without a License

Did you know there are almost a dozen states that don’t require a roofing license (Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Wyoming), but California isn’t one of them.  Since CA does require a roofing license.  Make sure you ask to see proof of their license. 

They Ask the Homeowner to Get the Permits 

A reputable contractor will always handle securing any necessary permits for your project.  If a roofer requests that the homeowner pull the roofing permits, it may mean that they aren’t eligible to get a permit or have worn out their welcome at the permit office.

No Online Presence or Reviews

The homeowner should be able to easily find information online about the roofing contractor, such as reviews from other homeowners and the company’s location.  Check to see of other homeowners have filed complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau.

What’s the takeaway to these scams?  

Take the time to talk to several roofing professionals to make a good judgment call.  If you feel a company is being pushy or trying to rush you, they are most likely scam artists.  

  • Don’t Rush into Anything
  • Do Your Research First
  • Be wary of the Good Samaritan
  • Listen carefully to what’s being offered
  • Don’t be afraid to say no

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