Why Choose a Tile Roof?

If you are considering a new roof for your home, a tile roof may have caught your eye.  Many people love tile roofing because of their style and versatility.  An exotic sense of romance is associated with tile roofs, which commonly appear on Southwest-style and Mediterranean homes.  Whether the tile is made of fired clay, concrete, or slate, they are good for more than just their visual appeal.  Let’s get to know the selling points that make tile such a popular roofing option and weigh those strengths when considering a new roof for your home.

What Are Tile Roofs Made Of?

Let’s get an understanding of tile and what they are made of.  This will help you understand the strength of a tile roof.  Roof tiles are generally made from materials such as terracotta (clay), slate or concrete.  These materials are popular due to their outstanding strength.  Depending on the climate you live in, tile roofs can last more than 100 years.  Even better than the longevity of tile, they can withstand hail, fire, and high winds.

Advantages of Tile Roofing

  1.  Aesthetic Appeal and Versatility

Most often concrete and clay tiles feature natural earth tones, a sand-cast or unglazed finish and a classic curved shape.  But their design isn’t limited to just these characteristics.  The most common shapes include flat, fluted, and interlocking tiles that can be instituted into many different home designs.  For example, some tiles can mimic the look of wood shakes for use on rustic or log homes.  Other tiles can model European structures.  Tiles of natural slate may often be used on Victorian, colonial and Tudor architecture but can look great on contemporary homes.

2. Durability

Clay, concrete, and slate roofs are resistant to fire, rot, insects, and other pests.  Most tile can tolerate extremes of heat and cold, making it a great choice for virtually any climate.  

The biggest threat to tile roofs can be people.  Tile roofs are not designed to handle much foot traffic and are vulnerable to being broken or chipped by careless treatment.  Because of this, it is important to hire an experienced professional to take care of any repairs or maintenance on or around a tile roof, including gutter cleaning, chimney maintenance or exterior painting.

3. Savings

Tile roofs tend to be the most expensive option upfront, but over their long lifespan of over 100 years, this can offset their initial expense.  Also, tiles do a better job of regulating the temperatures of your home, helping you cut down on heating and cooling bills.  The durability and longevity of tile roofing means you will save money by not replacing your roof multiple times over the years.  And best of all, these materials are environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. 

Are you ready to get started?

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