If you’ve ever noticed missing shingles on your roof, you might be thinking DIY.  While we would love to give you the basic steps of replacing your own asphalt shingles, we highly encourage you to reconsider.

So, before you go out and buy yourself that sturdy extension ladder and climb up on your roof, ask yourself these important questions.

Could Weather Have Caused the Damage?

If you recently experienced high winds, hail or some other weather event, your insurance company may cover the cost of repair or even a replacement.  

Do You Have the Tools to Complete the Project?

You will need a lot more than roofing nails to put new shingles on your roof.  You’ll need tools to remove the broken or lifting shingles and a way to dispose of the damaged shingles you just removed, which professional roofing contractors have at their disposal.  Once you add up the cost of acquiring pry bars, caulk, nail guns, staplers, air compressor, etc. you may realize that hiring a professional will be a more cost-efficient option.

What Is Your Experience with Residential Roofing?

You’ve been on the roof, inspected for irregularities so now you think you are ready to tackle minor repairs.  Don’t forget, professional roofers go through extensive training to complete these jobs.  Even if you think you know how to repair a shingle roof, it’s a totally different matter when you add the fact you must get the heavy materials up a ladder and complete the project two stories off the ground.

How Old Are Your Roof’s Shingles?

Is your roof 10 to 15 years old?  It may be time to replace the entire roof instead of putting a band aid on your leaky roof.  While you are on the roof replacing those shingles you might very well discover other areas of damage that far surpasses a DIY project.  If you decide to replace the whole roof you may want to upgrade the entire roofing system.  You might want to change the entire look of your home by adding wood shake shingles or even ceramic tile as opposed to the existing asphalt shingles.

Do You Want to Risk Injury to Save Money on DIY replacement?

We certainly don’t want to be blunt, but roofing is one of the most dangerous professions.  Even professionals use safety measures to prevent falls.  We are certain you don’t want to risk your life to fix your own roof leak.

Hire the Professionals for Roof Repairs

There are many DIY projects you can undertake and complete successfully around the house.  When it comes to roof repair and replacement in Monterey County, it is best to leave the job in the hands of experts, someone like Williams Roofing Company.  We have the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to repair or replace your roof.  Call us at 831-758-2749.